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Wedding DJ Costs - Why are Weddings More Expensive?

Most couples, when they're contacting a wedding vendor, will usually jump right to the heart of what they think the matter is.

“What's the Price?”

Part of that is because you're not sure what questions to ask.

Here's why that should be the LAST question you ask.

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Uplighting has become a popular trend for many weddings, almost a necessity for certain venues. Just a few uplights can dramatically alter how you feel about a space, taking you from “Didn't we go to a wedding here last summer” to “OMG!” There are a lot of very pretty venues out there – but the vast majority of them benefit from uplighting – how can you tell if your wedding venue could use a little extra pop?

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Picking a DJ may be one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding. They more than provide a soundtrack for your wedding – they’re in charge of handling the mood, tone, pulse, and flow of your reception. Making the wrong choice can put your guests off, cost you unnecessary time and money, and undo months of hard work.

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Some of these mixes are wedding themed, others demonstrate a mastery of specific themes and genres. This is just an opportunity to hear how each DJ seamlessly mixes tracks together to create environments, emotion, and excitement. All of our Wedding DJs have experience playing a variety of genres.

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