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You know you want Will to be Your DJ!

Stylus SE - Wedding DJ Jason Huggins

A DJ since 2010, Will Batchelor is experienced, easy-going, and reliably entertaining. Low-key on the mic and very active behind the scenes, Will is one of our most requested sorority, corporate event and wedding DJs. Proud father of a brave little newborn, Will is also the DJ behind many of the Special Olympics events you might have heard about, (including the 'Over the Edge' event on the Downtown Raleigh skyscrapers). With a background coming up through North Carolina's talented EDM circuit, he's brought years of great events across the finish line with aplomb and a humble nature that defies his skill set.

His wedding experience includes far more than just those he's DJ'd, he celebrated his own wedding just over a year ago and can help couples reach their goals with a fresh perspective on how they can make their wedding the best they've ever been to.

  • Weddings since - I've been to a bunch, I don't think that counts
  • Number of Events - 300
  • Weddings Since - 2014
  • Favorite part of a Wedding - Seeing everybody!
  • Favorite Artists - Queen, Prince, Timbaland, High Contrast
  • Favorite Genres - Breaks, Funk, Dancepunk, Drum & Bass
  • Favorite Movies - Neverending Story, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Last Dragon, Back to the Future


Get started by contacting us or call 919-346-4669.

You may have seen him at: Virgil's, Little City Tavern, Architect, Zenith, Ritz, Beer Garden, Lincoln Theater


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