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Stylus S.E. - Your first choice for Event Lighting.

At Stylus S.E., our team of expert lighting designers specializes in enhancing North Carolina weddings, turning your chosen venues into breathtaking, atmospheric spaces that come to life. You'll be astonished by the profound impact just a few well-placed lighting elements can have on any setting.

From the enchanting dance floor to the elegant cake table, and from the inviting entryway to the grand hall, allow us to unveil the magic that a strategic selection of lighting elements can bring to your North Carolina wedding. Prepare to leave your guests in awe with our 'OMG' moments.

Every North Carolina wedding and venue can benefit from the creative touch of our lighting design experts. At Stylus S.E., we'll collaborate with you to assess your venue, then provide tailored lighting options that prioritize transforming the space to align perfectly with your vision

Our Lighting Experts will transform any space, especially your atmospheric spaces, and make it come alive.  You’d be surprised how a few lighting elements can dramatically alter any space.  From the dance floor, to the cake table, to the entryway and hall, let us show you how a few strategic elements can create the OMG moment you're going to wow you guests with. 

Every event and venue can benefit from input from one of our lighting design experts. At Stylus S.E. we will assess the venue with you, then recommend a few options with an emphasis on tranforming the space to fit your vision.

Meet Our DJ's

Stylus features some of Raleigh and North Carolina's top wedding DJ talent under one roof, making it easy for you to choose your ideal DJ, plan your wedding, and enjoy the event of a lifetime.

Not sure who the right fit might be? Set up a complimentary meeting with our DJ Matchmaker to find the perfect Raleigh wedding DJ.


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