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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Wedding DJ services.

How do you choose which couples you work with?

It's actually really simple. Usually after just a few minutes of talking I know exactly which DJ would be the best fit for you. We're really lucky - we get the best couples to work with every time. I'm not sure what it is, but we don't get a lot of people who aren't a great fit. We're excited about music and about crafting an amazing event and that carries over at every level with our couples 🙂

How Far In Advance Should We Book Stylus?
How Much Is A DJ?
How Do We Book Stylus SE?
What if We Need to Make Changes?
Can We Go Overtime?
Will (you) Be My DJ?
How Do We Plan Our Wedding?
What About Our Music?
What if I have a VERY specific playlist?
What if my music isn't listed on the planner?
Can We Make Requests at the Event?
What About Inappropriate Language?
Will we meet in person?
What do you wear?
Is there at Travel Fee?
How Long Does It Take You To Set Up?
What Happens if the DJ Has a Family Emergency or gets laryngitis?
Do You Do Ceremonies?
My (cousin, uncle, friend, personal menu advisor) wants to (sing, play, interpretive dance) at my Ceremony, can you help?
Do you take breaks?
Do We Need To Feed the DJ?
Should we Tip the DJ?
When are Balances Due?
What If We Need to Postpone or Cancel the Event?
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Stylus features some of Raleigh and North Carolina's top wedding DJ talent under one roof, making it easy for you to choose your ideal DJ, plan your wedding, and enjoy the event of a lifetime.

Not sure who the right fit might be? Set up a complimentary meeting with our DJ Matchmaker to find the perfect Raleigh wedding DJ.


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