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Stylus SE - Wedding DJ Jason Huggins

Despite not being a DJ, she's the reigning den mother of North Carolina's EDM community, she's helped shepherd what was once a niche sound into the defining party aesthetic of the past decade. She's the driving force behind North Carolina's longest-running EDM weekly (currently at Zenith on Tuesdays) and a key component of Stylus' operations. When you reach out, she's probably one of the first people you'll hear from. Robyn loves Drum & Bass as much as she loves her dog Noodle, and that's more than most people love almost anything. Kind, compassionate, and eager to help - you're going to find Robyn a can't-miss resource and a key component of our Stylus experience.

  • Weddings since - I've been to a bunch, I don't think that counts
  • Number of events - what's 52 times 15?
  • Favorite part of a Wedding - Seeing everybody!
  • Favorite Artists - Calyx & Teebee, Keeno, BCee, Billie Eilish, Rat Pack, Sara Brightman, Riopy, Adele, Camo & Krooked, Wilkinson, People Under the Stairs, Abba
  • Favorite Genres - Drum & Bass!!!! Bass Music, Opera, 50s-70s, Gen Z pop.
  • Favorite Movies - Mamma Mia, Ever After, Mean Girls, Roger Rabbit, John Wick, Any LOTR movie
  • You may have seen her at: Zenith, Spy, Issac Hunters, Blowfish, Alchemy

Get started by contacting us or call 919-346-4669.

Stylus S.E. Robyn Fuller at Zenith
You can catch Robyn every Tuesday at Zenith or by reaching out to Stylus to set up a meeting

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