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Ultimate Guide to The Best Wedding Music Songs

For some people, picking their wedding music is really easy - they either know the perfect wedding song or just let the DJ do it.

If you’re having a hard time picking out the perfect wedding songs, here’s a little help to get you started.

Let’s start with the songs you’ll need to pick out and then look at some fun options.

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In the 9th century (about 1300 years ago) The Banu Musa brothers in Baghdad invented an automatic organ and flute player that played a lot like a player piano or music box (invented in 1796). The player piano used paper scrolls in 1876. Did that count as DJing? I would argue that they were, because they were using pre-recorded music to entertain an audience. While the techniques have definitely improved since then, the rules are still the same - make people dance!

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Freddie Livingston is a Lauded DJ, a High Tech Doctor (yes, a real doctor), and versatile performer.



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Collin is well known for his great attitude, sense of humor, and engaging presence on the microphone.



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DJ PROTOJ (Joseph) was incredible!!!



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Originally from New Jersey, Jorden Davis has been a dancefloor mainstay since he started DJing at 17



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Holy cow- Animal/Eric was the best in the business no doubt.



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WOW WOW WOW! We had Jason as our DJ and he was AMAZING!



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Our DJ, Jenni, was responsive, and did plenty of research about how I wanted the reception to flow, and what kind of music we liked.



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