Why You Need A Wedding DJ For Your Ceremony

You Need a Wedding DJ for Your Wedding Ceremony- Here’s Why This is Why You Need A Wedding DJ for Your Ceremony in Raleigh Your Wedding Ceremony Is More Than Words It’s a well-known fact that a fantastic wedding DJ is an essential part of any wedding reception. But many people don’t realize that an exceptional wedding DJ is just as essential for the wedding ceremony. 
Not only can your wedding DJ play great music, but they can also: 

Ensure that every word of your ceremony is heard by every wedding guest- even through happy tears or unexpected background noises, like wind or birds
Handle any technical issues with microphones or other sound equipment
Set the mood with prelude music
Provide smooth cues and transitions for the wedding ceremony, including processionals, wedding ceremony music, special ceremony elements (like a unity ceremony, handfasting, or jumping the broom), and recessionals
Help you prep for your big day with a solid backup plan if something doesn’t go as expected

Every Stylus Weddings package includes all the things you need to make sure your wedding ceremony is the one you have been dreaming of! From the planning process to the first kiss, a wedding DJ complements and enhances all elements of your wedding ceremony. Before the Wedding Ceremony
Before you’re even in your wedding dress or suit, your Stylus Weddings DJ will be hard at work setting up your big day. 
Most wedding couples aren’t sure what equipment they’ll need to make everything sound great and flow seamlessly on their wedding day. But no need to worry! 
Stylus Weddings DJs are expert guides who will be with you every step of the way. 
During the planning phase, your DJ will work with you to pick the perfect sound equipment and sound design for your venue and the things you want to include in your ceremony (ex. music, readings, a musician, a soloist, etc.) to make it unique. A violinist needs a different sound set up than a full band or a solo reading from the Bible, Rumi, Einstein, or The Settlers of Catan Rule Book, Volume 3 (no, that’s not a joke- we heard this reading at a wedding we provided sound for and it was lovely and memorable!). Details about whether your ceremony will be indoors or outdoors are also an essential part of the sound design.
Stylus Wedding DJs can help with other aspects of your big day too. We can even make recommendations for lighting and provide lighting equipment if needed. 
On the day of your event, your Stylus Weddings DJ will arrive on time (long before your ceremony is scheduled to begin) to set up and test equipment. Ideally, you, your spouse-to-be, your officiant, and any musicians will be available for a very brief sound test before your guests arrive. But we understand that this isn’t always possible with a tight wedding day schedule. Either way, your DJ will run a thorough test of all the equipment to make sure everything is working as planned so that your wedding sounds flawless. 
This test also includes checking for potential sound equipment interference- an essential step that should never be missed! 
Most people don’t realize how sound equipment interference can impact, or even ruin, their big day by causing feedback or decreasing the quality or volume of the sound. To have the best sound possible, your DJ will ensure that there are no obstacles between the microphone transmitter (i.e. a handheld mic or a mic worn on a lapel) and the receiver (the box that connects the transmitter to the sound system) to prevent interference. Sometimes even a single guest with a cell phone sitting between a microphone and receiver can cause big problems.
If any potential interference issues are found, your wedding DJ will work on the spot to re-design your sound setup. If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony, your wedding DJ will also consider the weather and sounds in the environment. Re-designing on the fly can be challenging and takes a lot of effort, but when you work with the best wedding DJs, like those at Stylus Weddings, you’ll have nothing to worry about! 
Your Stylus Weddings DJ will go above and beyond to assure everything sounds just right. 
And those aren’t empty words. We mean it! 
We have experience covering for bands that don’t show. 
We’ve quickly secured a backup generator when the power supply for an outdoor wedding turned out to be less than optimal. 
And we’ve even reconfigured a wedding ceremony timeline at the very last minute because of a hurricane.
Hopefully, your wedding ceremony won’t have any complications at all. But if it does, we’ve got your back! And we’ll make sure everything is ready when you walk down the aisle. 
During the Wedding Ceremony
You’ve made it to your big moment! And we are here to make sure you, your spouse-to-be, wedding party, and officiant all sound great and get the entrances you deserve!
Will you have a quiet, formal ceremony with classical instrumentals to match? A ceremony with relaxed sophistication and the latest indie tunes? A boisterous celebration of life with the wedding party dancing down the aisle?
Whatever your style, your Stylus Weddings DJ will choose the ideal prelude music to welcome your wedding guests and set the tone for your ceremony.  
Once your wedding guests are seated, it’s time for the processional! Choosing the right music for each person isn’t always as easy as it sounds. But an experienced wedding DJ will be able to provide you with options tailored to you and play every song on cue. 
Most weddings will have separate entrances for the:

Parents of the wedding couple
Bridal party

Some wedding couples choose to have the same song playing for all of the entrances, while others choose a different song for each. Most wedding couples go with one song for the wedding party and groom and a second song picked especially for the bride’s entrance. There’s no right or wrong choice and your wedding DJ can guide you to what makes the most sense for you and your wedding. If you’d like a more non-traditional entrance for your wedding ceremony, your wedding DJ can help you plan for this too!
Your wedding DJ doesn’t stop working once everyone is in place! They stay focused on providing the best sound and are constantly making adjustments so that every wedding guest can clearly hear readings, special songs (like music played when lighting a unity candle or signing a ketubah), and your vows. 
And if something comes up at the last minute with your musician or soloist, your DJ is there to cover. Unless you make an announcement about a change to the program, your guests likely won’t even know that something didn’t go exactly as planned.  
After the “I do”s have been said and the first kiss as a married couple has been kissed, your Stylus Weddings DJ will take care of your recessional music- making sure your exit is as memorable as your entrance. 
Many wedding couples also choose postlude music to play as wedding guests exit or have a band or musician play the guests out. The wedding DJ will be there until after everyone has gone- ensuring a smooth and enjoyable end to the wedding ceremony for everyone. 
If needed, your wedding DJ can also assist with any needed announcements about the reception, location for pictures, or any other after ceremony events. When the same wedding DJ provides services for all parts of your wedding, you’ll have a smoother experience and more consistent style throughout your big day.  
Most importantly, having a wedding DJ during your ceremony takes the pressure off of you, your spouse-to-be, your wedding party, and any other friends and family members who are there to help you out. No one will have to worry about what music to play, how to get the timing right, or what to do if something goes wrong. All you have to do is enjoy your day!
Hiring A Wedding DJ for Your Ceremony is a Great Investment
We know that wedding expenses can add up quickly, but the cost of a wedding DJ is money well spent that can save you unexpected costs, time, and hassle on your wedding day. 
By hiring Stylus Weddings for your ceremony, you won’t have to waste your time looking for other professionals (or friends and family members) to help set up equipment for your ceremony. You won’t risk asking someone who doesn’t know how to make sure your ceremony sounds phenomenal. And you’ll help create a cohesive wedding experience for both you and your guests. 
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! You want it to be exquisite and memorable for all the right reasons. Investing in a wedding DJ for your wedding ceremony in addition to your wedding reception sets you up for success, leading to the delightful and unforgettable wedding celebration you deserve.  
Stylus Wedding DJs have the skills and passion to help you create a wedding that exceeds your wildest expectations. But that’s not all! We can give you one of the best wedding gifts you’ll receive, the confidence you need to relax and enjoy your wedding day without worrying about the details. Just take a look at what other happy wedding couples had to say about Stylus Weddings!
From wedding planning to the bride’s big entrance to the last second of your wedding reception, Stylus Weddings DJs are committed to making your wedding day fun, worry-free, and absolutely stunning. 
Want a custom look at how we can make your already special day even better? Set up a consultation with Stylus Weddings today!