Best Questions To Ask When Looking for a DJ

Best Questions to Ask When Looking for a Wedding DJ and Why You Need to Ask Raleigh Wedding DJ – Best Questions to Ask When Looking for a DJ Picking a wedding DJ is the most important decision you’ll make for your wedding (except for deciding who you’ll marry)! Here’s how to make the best choice. If you’re like most people we work with, you’ve never planned a wedding before. You may have a pretty good idea of what you’d like the day to look like and you know you want a ceremony that is perfectly suited to you and your beloved. 
But even with this picture in mind, it’s hard to focus on and remember all the little details that go into planning a great wedding and reception. 
Thankfully, there’s a whole host of wedding professionals to turn to for advice, not to mention your friends and family members who have planned their own weddings and can offer valuable insight. 
Still, you may not know exactly what to ask these folks to get you to the wedding you envision (don’t worry, that’s normal- you’ve never done this before!).  
Here at Stylus Weddings, we have decades worth of experience working with wedding couples to design their perfect event. And we strive to make the wedding planning and reception planning process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 
We know the absolute best questions to ask to make sure you find a wedding DJ who

Is easy to work with
Understands what’s important to you
Get’s your style 


Can throw a phenomenal event

To help get you started, we’ve put together this handy list of illuminating questions to ask when searching for the perfect wedding DJ. 
The First Things to Ask When Picking a Wedding DJ
These questions will give you and your fiance a strong sense of whether the DJ you’re interviewing has the experience to meet your needs. They can also let you know right away if the wedding DJ is confident in their skills and able to answer your questions clearly, directly, and honestly- all qualities that are essential to a smooth planning process and a magnificent wedding day. 
How many weddings have you done? 
With this question, you’ll learn how experienced your DJ is with the type of event you are planning. A DJ may have years of experience playing corporate events or clubs, but if they don’t know weddings, you may be in for a bumpy ride. 
What other DJ experience do you have and how will this experience make our day better?
Wedding experience is a must, but other types of DJ experience can be incredibly helpful, as well. For example, a DJ who knows how to read a room in a club and shift gears on the fly to keep the party going will be better at keeping your dance floor filled than someone who only has experience playing a preset list of songs. Also, a DJ with serious emcee experience will likely do a better job introducing you and your wedding party at your reception than a wedding DJ who is an expert on sound equipment but has little experience actually using the mic. 
What makes you and your wedding DJ company different? 
Asking the prospective wedding DJ what makes them and their company stand out is a great way to give you a sense of what’s important to that person and company. 
Not all DJ companies are created equal. Some specialize in a certain type of event. Some have long-standing relationships with other wedding vendors or wedding venues. Some offer additional services like lighting or photo booths. And some may have an unusual local claim to fame. 
Whatever answer they give, the wedding DJ’s explanation should be clear, to the point, and show how what makes them exceptional will also make your wedding day exceptional. 
Someone who instantly gets lost in talking about themselves without showing how it relates to you and your wedding, may not be able to focus on your unique needs down the line. While a DJ who gets too stuck in technical details, may not be able to clearly answer the more specific questions that will come up for you along the way. 
Do you have samples of your work? 
Any wedding DJ worth your time will be able to quickly and effortlessly provide you with samples of their work. This may take the form of an online mix, video clips of them at other weddings, an invitation to come to see them at a club, or a combination of formats.
A testimonial or review you read before setting up a consultation with a DJ may give you useful information about what it’s like to work with them or if other wedding couples have been happy with their services, but these shouldn’t take the place of work samples. 
A review or testimonial won’t show the DJ’s style or skill. A sample will give you a direct look at what this wedding DJ can bring to your big day. 
If the DJ has samples from multiple events, check them all out! Being able to see how the DJ handled different weddings and crowds gives you a taste of their versatility and ability to customize their services to you and your fiance. 
If you watch your prospective DJ at a club, remember that the feel of a club is different from the feel of a wedding. Still, you’ll get excellent clues about how they might handle your wedding. 
Look for:

Skill with transitions between songs
The interaction (or lack of interaction) the DJ has with the crowd
If they treat others with respect
How the DJ responds to requests
Their ability to read the room and shift gears based on how the crowd is responding

Check out the work of Stylus Wedding DJs by listening to our mixes or watching us in action. 
Essential Questions About Music and Other Services  
Chances are when you think “DJ,” you think “music.” Your wedding reception is the ideal time to show off your musical style and highlight the songs that mean the most to you and your beloved. And your DJ is the person responsible for moving your musical wishlist off the vision board and into the real world- creating the soundtrack for the day you will never forget. 
It is absolutely essential that you choose a wedding DJ who gets you and the tone you want for your wedding day. Use these questions to quickly get a sense of if your DJ is both knowledgeable about the music you like and able to respond to the musical tastes of your wedding guests.
We love _________ (fill in your favorites) music- what are some of your top songs and artists in these genres right now?
Any well-rounded DJ will be able to quickly name a few tracks and artists related to your musical preferences. But a DJ who is a great fit for you and your wedding will show you something beyond song titles and band names.
Your ideal DJ will be excited about your interests and be able to give you an example or two on the spot about how they can use your unique musical style to get your wedding guests up and dancing. 
We know you’ll have our must-play and our do-not playlists, but how do you decide what else to play? 
This question will give you a peek into how this DJ thinks, processes, and listens. 
You’ll learn about how they approach choosing music that matches your style and keeps your wedding day flowing beautifully. And you’ll have an opportunity to learn a little more about the DJ’s prep work and pre-wedding day planning. 
Most importantly, you’ll get a sense of if the wedding DJ has been listening to you and if they’ve picked up on your likes and dislikes and the tone you’d like to set for your wedding. 
How do you respond to requests during the wedding reception?
Some couples love for their guests to have a say in what gets played during the wedding reception, while other couples like to limit requests or eliminate requests altogether. 
Just like wedding couples, every DJ has a different feeling about taking requests and how to (or not to) take them. 
This is an excellent question to make sure you and the prospective DJ are on the same page. 
At Stylus Weddings, our policy is to follow your lead. We leave it up to the wedding couple to decide if and when to take requests at their wedding reception. 
All Stylus Weddings DJs are experts at both seamlessly blending in unexpected wedding guest requests and respectfully denying guests’ requests- all based entirely on your preferences. 
If you are unsure about whether you’d like to allow guests to make requests or not, a skilled DJ will be able to give you the pros and cons of both so that you can make the decision that’s right for you. 
Do you offer other services?
Many, but not all, DJ companies offer services beyond music for your wedding reception. It’s smart to consider how these other services or lack of other services might impact your wedding planning and budget. 
If you know you want a photo booth or specific cake lighting for your wedding reception, for example, choosing a wedding DJ company that offers these services in addition to music could save you a lot of time and money. It limits the number of vendors you need to work with and you may be able to get a lower price by packaging services. 
By asking this question, you may also learn about services you hadn’t considered- like displaying your monogram in lights or sound equipment to ensure all of your wedding guests can clearly hear every syllable of your vows.
Stylus Weddings offfers a full range of DJ services for your wedding, including emcee services, phenomenal music, lighting, photo booths, easy online planning tools, and more!
Wedding DJ Costs, Contracts, and the Unthinkable
We all wish we could plan our wedding day without concern for budgets or what if’s. Unfortunately, though, these things are a fact of life and of wedding planning. Cost and contingency plans are an important part of choosing the best wedding DJ for you. Ask these questions to help you find a perfect fit. 
What’s the cost of your wedding DJ services?
Every wedding DJ will have variations in what they charge and what is included in their services. In our experience, you get what you pay for but that doesn’t mean you need to reach beyond your means. 
Many wedding DJ companies offer packages and a la carte services designed with wedding budgets in mind. And every experienced wedding DJ is used to working with couples who want to have an unforgettable wedding at a reasonable price. 
Having at least a general idea of your wedding budget in mind before talking with prospective wedding DJs will set you up for success. Letting the wedding DJ know your estimated budget upfront allows them to give you an accurate picture of which packages and services will meet or exceed your expectations for your wedding day without emptying your bank account. 
A first-rate wedding DJ can also offer a few ideas on maximizing their services for efficiency and cost-saving or for taking advantage of other services they offer to keep you from having to pay multiple wedding vendor fees. 
Stylus Weddings offers a range of wedding packages to meet the variety of needs, preferences, and budgets of the couples we work with. Have a question about our packages? Ask us!
What details do you include in your contract?
Contracts may not be super romantic, but they are important tools to protect both you and the DJ company. A good wedding DJ contract includes all of the details of your wedding day, from venue to start/end times to services included. The contract should also outline what happens in the unlikely event something does not go as planned. 
Asking the prospective wedding DJ about their contract (or even asking to see a sample contract) gives you insight into their professionalism and can provide you with peace of mind as you make your final decision.  
What would you do if we needed to change the date of our wedding?
Wedding dates rarely have to change once the venue is reserved, but as we’ve learned over the past couple of years, surprise changes do happen. Choose a DJ who can answer this question without batting an eye. 
What would you do if something goes wrong on our wedding day? 
We all hope that your wedding is perfect in every detail, but we also know life happens. Whether a hurricane forces your wedding and reception indoors (or further inland) or a piece of sound equipment fails at your reception, you need to have a wedding DJ who has your back and has a plan!
The DJs answer to this question could mean the difference between an unexpected yet delightful wedding day story and a wedding day disaster. Look for someone who has thought through the possibilities, has a solid backup plan for anything within their control (i.e. sound or lighting equipment, transportation, additional staff needs), and can think well on their feet. 
Final Questions for Picking the Right Wedding DJ
As you’re wrapping up your consultation with a wedding DJ, you’ll likely already have a good sense of who the DJ is and what it might be like to work with them. Still, you may be a person who wants to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases or you may be on the fence between two DJ companies. Your last few questions can help make sure you’re picking the wedding DJ who is just the right fit for you. 
Now that we’ve talked a bit- do you have any initial ideas about a first dance song or cake cutting song for us?
You definitely won’t plan all the details of your wedding and reception during your initial consultation with a DJ company, but asking this question toward the end of your conversation can still be quite helpful. 
Their answer lets you know if the wedding DJ has been paying close attention to who you are and what elements are important to you and your fiance. 
If the DJ suggests something way off base, it’s time to look elsewhere.
If they suggest your favorite song without knowing it, you probably found the perfect wedding DJ for you!
Can we talk to some of your past clients?
A reputable DJ company will never give out past client information without their permission, but they are likely to have a few past clients who have offered to be a point of contact for prospective clients. Talking with these references may be just the reassurance you need.
Are there things we didn’t ask about that you think are important to know as we make our decision and plan our wedding?
Experienced wedding DJs, like the DJs at Stylus Weddings, are not simply fantastic DJs. They are knowledgeable guides who can help you plan out the details of your ceremony and reception months before the big day. 
This question lets you take advantage of the wedding DJ’s expertise and allows you to see what they have to offer beyond introductory questions. 
It can also give you one last glimpse at what it might be like to work with this DJ before you make your final decision. 
Last Words of Advice
It’s a good idea to shop around and talk to several different DJ companies to find the right fit for you and your spouse-to-be. Experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a deep knowledge of music go a long way, but it isn’t everything.
You need a wedding DJ you can trust who understands all of the complexities of weddings and wedding planning!
Any good wedding DJ will be able to understand and support your musical vision. But it takes an outstanding wedding DJ to showcase your musical style while also: 

Flawlessly supporting you and your wedding party
Making sure the spotlight is on you during those special moments- like your first dance or your cake cutting
Keeping your event schedule on track


Getting everyone up and dancing all night long

We know that Stylus Weddings DJs are the complete package and we can’t wait to work with you to create your dream wedding! 
Set up a consultation with us today to learn about all the ways Stylus Wedding DJs are exactly the right mix of professionalism, expertise, enthusiasm, and fun!

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