Wedding Reception Photo Booths 101

Wedding Reception Photo Booths 101 Guide to Wedding Reception Photo Booths Photo booths are a must have for nearly every wedding reception! Everyone thinks about getting a wedding photographer for their big day, but have you considered a photo booth? 
You’ve probably seen photo booths at other weddings. And if you have, you’ve most likely left the wedding with a great photo booth memory! Maybe you even have a few special photo booth moments from a friend’s wedding on display.
But did you know that a photo booth is more than just a good time?
Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is a lively and unforgettable way to capture unique memories, get guests up and moving, and save money at your wedding reception.
Your professional wedding photographer will no doubt provide you with gorgeous photographic memories of your wedding day suitable for framing and hanging in your living room for years to come. 
But in this age of selfies and social media spontaneity, professional photos may not entirely capture the mood of your wedding celebration in the free-spirited casual way many of us are used to. Plus, even the best professional wedding photographers can’t be in all places at once! 
Photo booths provide an impromptu and intimate space where your wedding guests (and you!) can really let their personalities shine through! A photo booth adds to the wedding reception fun in a way that’s more relaxed, familiar, and exciting for your guests. 
And it brings out everyone’s charisma and playfulness like nothing else we’ve seen! 
You may not hang the photo booth pics up in formal frames and display them in prominent places in your home (or maybe you will- we won’t judge!). But imagine how much fun you’ll have on your fifth or tenth or fiftieth wedding anniversary flipping through an album of your closest friends and family in full celebration mode!
Wedding reception photo booths are fun for everyone!  

Guests who haven’t seen each other in months or years may want to document their reunion. 
Long-married couples who feel moved to record a moment of love inspired by your nuptials. 
Young wedding guests who are simply having a great time being silly in front of the camera. 

And with a photo booth, you get to witness it all without giving up a single moment with your new spouse on your wedding day! 
Photo booth pics are also a great wedding favor for your guests! You’ll save money on takeaways, while making every guest feel like a star. 
Some couples worry that a photo booth at their wedding reception might be a distraction or an eyesore, but, in our experience, we’ve found the opposite to be true!  
Photo booths boost the energy level of your celebration and get folks up and moving- often straight from the photo booth to the dance floor! 
Stylus Weddings offers a range of photo booth options to match your venue and the tone you want to cultivate at your reception. We’ll also work with you and your venue to find the perfect location for the photo booth. You’re in total control of how much you’d like your photo booth to stand out or blend in with the decor. 
Before the wedding day, your Stylus Weddings DJ will help you pick exactly the right photo booth to match your needs and style. And on the big day, they’ll time the opening and closing of your photo booth perfectly to maximize the photo fun without drawing attention away from your most important moments, like your first dance or cake cutting.  
The Stylus Weddings team will take care of all the details so that you, your wedding party, and your guests can relax and enjoy your big day! Every Stylus Weddings photo booth comes with a stellar collection of props to make your guests’ photos fun, memorable, and unique at no extra cost. 
At the end of the night, your wedding guests will leave your reception with a meaningful picture all their own and a memory forever tied to your unforgettable day right in the palm of their hands! 
And there’s no need to wait to see all of the moments captured in your photo booths! You and your new spouse will have a digital copy of every single photo taken before your guests even have a chance to drive home!
Talk with your Stylus Weddings DJ during your wedding planning about choosing the photo booth that’s best for you!   Answers to Common Photo Booth Questions and Which Questions to Ask What is the picture quality like?
All photos are taken with professional-grade equipment and the prints are made on state-of-the-art printers that put an image in your guests’ hands in seconds! Don’t worry, though, the speed won’t impact the quality of the photos. At Stylus Weddings, we use superior inks and high end paper to make sure every photo is (almost) as special as the wedding couple! We pride ourselves in giving you both the highest quality prints and impeccable timely service.
Do photo booths take up a lot of space?
All of the photo booths we provide at Stylus Weddings are designed to take up minimal space while providing an exceptional experience for you and your wedding guests. 
Depending on your choice of photo booth and any backdrops you choose, the exact space needed may vary. But don’t worry too much about space. We have yet to come across a venue that didn’t have the perfect spot for one of our photo booths. 
Keep in mind, it works in your favor to position your photo booth in a high traffic area in your reception venue. More wedding guests walking by means more photos, more fun, and more opportunities to capture all the joy of your big day. 
If you’re concerned about space limitations, the best positioning for your photo booth, or have other logistical questions, just let us know so that we can get you the answers you need. 
Does Stylus Weddings offer custom photo options?
Yes! We are happy to add custom messaging to your photos that fit your wedding style. We also offer custom templates and backdrops to make sure your photos are truly yours. 
How big are the printed pictures?
Stylus Weddings photo booths offer a range of photo sizes and styles. Many couples choose the classic 3-4 photo strips. Others go with 4×6 or even larger prints that are sized perfectly for guests to frame after the wedding day. The choice is yours! 
We also offer digital copies of all photo booth photos that you can print in any format you’d like after your wedding day. 
What about social media?
We know that every wedding couple has different preferences when it comes to wedding guests sharing pictures live from the wedding reception. Because of this, Stylus Weddings’ offers a variety of options for social media integration.
Depending on what’s important to you, wedding guests can upload their photo booth pics instantly to either their or your social media account. Or you can have the digital photo booth pictures saved for you to go through later. This lets you curate the pics you’d like to highlight from the event and prevents any pics you don’t love from even making an appearance on the web. 
Either way, you’ll have access to a digital copy of every photo booth photo taken at your reception the very same day! So you can start enjoying the photos right away!
How much do photo booths cost?
A photo booth is automatically included in Stylus Weddings’ Total Party Package. And they can be added to any of our other wedding packages for an additional fee. The final cost of your photo booth will depend on the options you choose. Your Stylus DJ can walk you through the options that interest you during your wedding planning and give you a proper estimate. 
Are you sure a photo booth will fit in with our wedding decor and style?
Absolutely! Our photo booths come in a range of designs to meet your needs and match your style. 
Read on to find the one that suits you and your wedding!
Stylus Weddings’ Photo Booths
Rustic Photo Booth
If you like a rustic vintage style, this photo booth is an outstanding option for your wedding reception! It features a nostalgic mid-century modern style with warm wood, clean lines, and laid-back confidence reminiscent of the best 1940s and 1950s design. 
But don’t let the retro vibe fool you! This photo booth has everything you could want from a state-of-the-art photo booth including a professional-grade DSLR camera and a range of high-quality photo printing options you and your wedding guests will love. 
Modern Photo Booth
If you prefer a sleek contemporary look that shouts, “Let’s celebrate!” check out our modern photo booth!
This photo booth features LED lighting that can be coordinated with your wedding colors to blend in seamlessly with your venue. Or it can be set to change colors with the music of your wedding reception adding a touch of unexpected fun and enticing wedding guests over to take a photo. 
The modern photo booth also includes robust social media integration and even offers options for video clips, text, and email. The user-friendly LED screen allows your wedding guests to easily choose one or more of the options you have preselected for them, from slow-motion video clips to a classic printed 3 photo strip and so much more. 
Party Photo Booth
Stylus Weddings’ party photo booth offers a sleek photo booth style in either black or white that compliments every wedding decor. 
Both the black and white color options include dimmable halo lighting to make sure all your guests look their best! They also feature a ring of LED lights around the edges of the photo booth that can be adjusted to suit your style from a soft consistent glow to a flashy attention-grabbing chasing light and nearly all points in between. 
The most amazing thing about this photo booth, though, isn’t what it looks like. It’s what it can do! 
This photo booth features augmentative reality (AR) technology that allows you and your wedding guests to select from a wide range of virtual props, animations, and virtual backgrounds! These virtual photo gems can be easily printed or shared through social media right from the photo booth based on your preferences. With this photo booth, there’s no need for a large or fancy backdrop if you’d like to have a little extra space for more seating or dancing.
With so many options, the party photo booth truly allows your guests to customize their experience! And you get to enjoy all the photos even after everyone has gone home!
Strolling Photo Booth
Stationary photo booths are always popular with guests, but trips to the photo booth often slow down as the night goes on no matter how great the wedding reception is. The strolling photo booth keeps the memories coming all night long! Our strolling photo booth brings all the fun of a photo booth straight to your guests!
A specially trained member of the Stylus Weddings team carries the strolling photo booth throughout your event, interacting with guests and building excitement while capturing professional-quality photos and lively videos of your big day. And sharing on social media is a breeze whether guests share the pics instantly or you select your favorites for sharing later on.
Your professional wedding photographer will no doubt be capturing gorgeous spontaneous photos throughout your wedding reception. But the type of interaction the professional photographer has with you and your wedding guests is completely different from the ones guests will have with the strolling photo booth. 
A professional photographer is trained to frame the perfect wedding reception shots from the best angles with ease while staying out of guests’ way and nearly disappearing into the background. 
The Stylus Weddings’ strolling photo booth is made to be noticed! 
Most wedding guests would never dream of interrupting a wedding photographer at work, but the strolling photo booth experience encourages guests to interact and take the lead in creating the photos they want to see.  
Many wedding couples choose to pair the strolling photo booth with one of our other photo booth options. The relaxed action shots captured by the strolling photo booth perfectly complement the well-thought-out selfies, group shots, and intimate couples’ photos of our more traditional photo booths, as well as the elegantly documented shots from your wedding photographer. 
Closing Thoughts
No matter which one you choose, a photo booth will absolutely take your wedding reception to the next level! Tell us which photo booths you’re excited about and we’ll help customize it just for you and your wedding day. Have a great photo booth story? Share it with us! We’d love to hear it!

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