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Stylus Weddings’ Favorite Dance Songs Stylus Favorite Wedding Dance Songs All DJs love music, but only the best DJs know how to choose exactly the right song for every moment of your wedding day.  Stylus Weddings has worked with dozens of wedding couples over the years to make sure the music for their wedding reception is as spectacular as they are. Most couples come to us with a good understanding of what genres they like and the mood they’d like to set for their big day. 
But knowing what you like and knowing how to put it all together to create the greatest event of your life are two different things. That’s where Stylus Weddings comes in!
No matter your style, Stylus Weddings DJs have the musical knowledge and technical skills to ensure your wedding day is exactly the day you imagine, if not better. 
We have decades of experience choosing precisely the right music to make all of your memorable moments absolutely unforgettable.  From the first dance to the dance floor- here are a few of our favorites to get you started: First Dance Songs
Your first dance with your new spouse at your wedding reception is your opportunity to show the world who you are as a couple. It also sets the tone for the entire reception. And it’s a great opportunity to get all eyes focused firmly on the dance floor early in the night. 
Some couples have a special song picked out for their first dance before they’ve even set their wedding date. Others need more guidance to pick the song that will start things off right.
Either way, your Stylus Weddings DJ will work with you to make sure the song you choose for your first dance sounds exceptional and works well with the overall style of your wedding reception. 
If you and your soon-to-be spouse are stellar dancers, choosing a song with an upbeat, energetic vibe may be perfect for showcasing your skills. 
If you’re worried about tripping over your toes (or stepping on your beloved’s toes) or if you’d just like to savor the first few moments of your marriage while holding each other close, a low-key, tender love song may be a better fit. 
Here are three of our current first dance favorites:

The Way You Look Tonight covered by Maroon 5- This is a classic track first made famous by Frank Sinatra. This version brings the song into the 21st century while keeping all of the timeless style of the original. If you want a vintage feel that turns heads with its updated approach, this is the song for you! 
Favorite Day  from Wonderful Smith- This sweet indie tune is perfect for couples who want to showcase an unexpected and charming uniqueness in their first dance. If you’re nervous about your dance skills, the length of this song (not even two and a half minutes long) lets you put your love in the spotlight where it belongs without having to keep your dance moves there for too long.  
Each Day Gets Better from John Legend- In our opinion, this early John Legend tune doesn’t get the attention it deserves! If you’re looking for a smooth, soulful vibe that’s a great alternative to some of the overplayed tracks, this is an excellent choice. This song truly speaks to how happy being with your love makes your heart. 
Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs- Let’s face it, love is sometimes a bit more complicated than a fairy tale. And this song sums it up really well. Yes, we can all get a little crazy sometimes. But the fact that your partner still warms your heart while driving you crazy might make this the perfect song for you.
The Best Part by Daniel Caesar & H.E.R- Smooth, heartfelt, stirring, and romantic. Reaching to the depths of our souls, it’s the shameless admission that the love you’re committing to isn’t easy or delicate. It’s as necessary as the air that you breath. And the thing you’re most looking forward to when weathering any storm or just waking up from a beautiful dream.

Father-Daughter Dance Songs
The father-daughter dance is traditionally the second song of the wedding reception. It’s a tender moment that brings the best parts of a father-daughter relationship (closeness, trust, joy, and love) into focus, while also marking an important turning point in the life of each person. 
This dance is often one of the most memorable of any wedding reception, but it can be difficult to pick the right song. It’s important to choose a father-daughter dance song that captures the strong, meaningful emotional ties between a father and daughter without falling into “love song” territory. 
These are three songs we think create the ideal father-daughter dance moment:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow covered by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (aka Bruddah IZ)- This delicate and soaring rendition of the classic song was recorded in one take and the world was never the same. This song is tender, memorable, and one of the most enchanting songs we’ve had the pleasure of hearing.
Daughters by John Mayer- A nostalgic and beautiful take on the future a bride has in front of her and the role her father has played in making her the person she is. A sweet song without the leaves-an-aftertaste saccharine sweetness of other similar tracks. (We’re looking at you Butterfly Kisses !)
It Won’t Be Like This for Long by Darius Rucker- Capturing the fleeting moments that we wish would last forever, this song comes off as equal parts triumphant and heartfelt. It highlights why 7 out of the 10 most requested father-daughter dance songs are country songs. And we think this is one of the best. 

Mother-Son Dance Songs
In Western traditions, the father-daughter dance usually gets the most attention, but this has started to change over the past few years. And we’re happy to see moms are starting to get the attention they deserve!
Millennials are the most likely to call their parents their best friends and this shows in the enthusiasm many grooms have to include a mother-son dance in their wedding reception. However, being excited about it doesn’t mean that grooms know the best song to pick! 
Sometimes grooms let their moms pick the song, which is sweet but may lead to a song that doesn’t fit in well with the overall vibe of the wedding. These songs also tend to be much longer than most grooms would like. One of the top requests we get from our wedding couples is to choose a short mother-son dance to limit how much time a non-dancing groom needs to spend in the spotlight.
And sometimes grooms simply google “mother-son dance songs” and come back with T. Carter’s A Mother’s Song in hand. No offense to T. Carter, but that song shouldn’t be on anyone’s top pick for their mother-son dance!
Choosing a song for the mother-son dance is the ideal time to enlist the help of a knowledgeable wedding DJ, like those at Stylus Weddings. We’ll make sure you pick a song that is full of emotion, in-line with the style of your wedding, and exactly the right length to let your mom know you love and appreciate her without having to go overboard on the dancing. 
Here are three of our top choices for mother-son dances:

I Loved Him First covered by The Green Rovers- This song takes a popular father-daughter dance song (Heartland’s I Loved Her First ) and flips it on its head. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the memorable moments between a mother and her son. And we love the hint of traditional Irish sound this Boston-based band brings to the track.
What a Wonderful World from Louis Armstrong- You can’t get more classic than this song. It’s beautiful, tender, familiar, and the perfect length for the mother-son dance (under two and a half minutes). You can’t go wrong with this song!
Song for Mama by Boyz II Men- If you’re looking for a more contemporary option, this is a fantastic choice. It’s a memorable statement on the unique relationship between a mother and son with harmonies that are out of this world! It’s longer than most songs we recommend for the mother-son dance, but you’re not locked into the full song. If you love this option but worry about the length, just let us know! We can smoothly fade out at the perfect moment (a couple minutes early) without anyone suspecting a thing.

Group Dance Songs
Group dances are often a point of disagreement at wedding receptions. Some wedding couples love them, some hate them, and some are split down the middle. No matter where you stand on the issue, at Stylus Weddings, we think group dances are a great opportunity for your wedding DJ to create the party you want and deserve!
These three group dance songs never fail to spark a good time or to create very memorable moments:

Copperhead Road by Steve Earle- A country favorite, this group dance may look a little complicated from the outside. But from your wedding guests’ perspective, it’s a stomping good time! It’s a simple four-wall dance with repeating doublets (like the other two songs we recommend here) that makes just about every dancer look like a professional. An interesting note about this group dance song: the dance is done differently depending on what part of the country you’re in. Here in North Carolina, we do it just a little bit differently than our northern neighbors in Virginia. 
Cupid Shuffle by Cupid- The defining group dance of our current generation, this song has been a wedding staple since 2007. Because of its popularity, Cupid Shuffle has made it to the top of the do-not-play list for many wedding couples, but we think it deserves a second thought. There are very few songs that can get everyone up in the room dancing faster than this lively, well-known track. And once your wedding guests are on their feet for this group dance, they’re more likely to stay on their feet dancing throughout the night!
Wobble by V.I.C.- This may be the toughest of the group dances on this list, but it’s still a necessity for most wedding receptions. The song came out in 2008 and quickly made its way onto must-have song lists for weddings around the country. The dance looks impressive, allows a lot of room for personal interpretation and improvisation, and it’s a ton of fun! If you have some great dancers at your wedding reception, there are very few group dances that let them show up and show off like this song. Important note: to avoid angry grandmas, we always play the radio edit of this song at Stylus Weddings’ events. 

Simply Great Dance Songs
Having exceptional songs for the unforgettable moments of your wedding reception is absolutely essential, but don’t neglect the moments in between! Most of your wedding reception will be spent socializing and having fun with your new spouse, wedding party, and wedding guests. You need a fantastic soundtrack for every moment! 
Here are some of our top picks for keeping your wedding reception going all night long:

I Wanna Dance with Somebody/We Found Love mix featuring Whitney Houston, and Calvin Harris- Putting these two hits together creates something really special! Your Stylus Weddings DJ starts with the original I Wanna Dance with Somebody and, as the bridge approaches, they drop in the rising line of We Found Love. The combined force of these two power jams paired with the emotional voice of one of the greatest singers of all time is simply unforgettable. What a way to lift up your love and your party!
My Girl by The Temptations- This isn’t just a favorite song or wedding receptions, this is one of Stylus Weddings’ owner and DJ Jason Huggins’ favorite songs of all time! It’s a classic tune that combines Motown, beach music, and so much of what we love about love! It’s a mid-tempo song, which means it’s a good choice for everyone at your wedding reception. It can be danced alone or in the arms of your beloved. Plus everyone can sing along. This is a rare song that has wide appeal across generations and genres. There’s a reason it has remained at the top of so many must-play lists for nearly sixty years! Don’t miss out!
Shut Up & Dance by Walk The Moon- There are few songs that capture the thrill of falling in love on the dancefloor with quite as much raw confidence as this indie-rock turned power pop dance jam. It’s a great opportunity for your guests to shout out, sing along, and celebrate the moment!
Juice  by Lizzo- This smooth, confident power girl anthem features the best of classic Minneapolis funk sound with a fresh 21st-century approach. It’s a phenomenal track in its own right and also perfectly suited to mix with Prince’s earlier Minneapolis funk classic, 1999 . Plus, this song can work magic when worked in next to tracks from all kinds of artists, from Kool and the Gang to Doja Cat. Juice brings a flawlessly good vibe that lifts up all the ladies in the room! And we know the fellas can’t resist singing along either! (Don’t pretend you don’t know the words, Kevin.) 
Dancing Queen from Abba- This Swedish pop phenomenon has been experiencing a renaissance since 2008’s Mamma Mia movie. Now, 14 years later, everyone who loved the movies when they were little are flooding the dance floor! This can’t-miss jam gets everyone on the floor, from you and your friends to your parents to older guests as well.

Whatever songs you choose, we can’t wait to build an unforgettable soundtrack for your wedding day! 
Let us know which of these songs are your favorites! Tell us which dance songs you wish had made our list! 

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