Raleigh Wedding DJs Who Don’t Settle for Just OK

Don’t Settle for Average! Have a Stylus Wedding Experience Instead!

We’re always thinking about weddings. It’s because helping you celebrate with your friends and family is one of our all-time favorite things. But some couples are settling for a less than average or just OK DJ experience – when nothing else about their wedding reflects that same lack of attention to detail. Here’s why Stylus might be the right fit your for your Raleigh wedding DJ experience.

Let me be up front about this – there’s nothing wrong with an OK DJ for some events. Some events just need someone to play appropriate music and maybe talk on the mic a little. For that – there are plenty of OK DJs who will do just fine. An OK DJ will probably be able to deliver and will might get a great review because the bar is set fairly low. At that point, all they have to do is avoid playing too many songs with words that will make grandma frown and refrain from saying the bride’s name wrong over and over and over again.

But Stylus is far from average – and it’s important for you to understand the difference before you book your Raleigh Wedding DJ (don’t worry, we’ll do your event if it’s around the country or the world too!)

Let’s start at the begining with what makes a Stylus Wedding DJ special and why Stylus doesn’t have any ‘filler’ cheap Raleigh Wedding DJs on staff.

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To start with – we don’t have anybody on staff who hasn’t been DJing for longer than you spent in High School. Imagine the difference between 13 year-old you and 20 year old you – it’s a huge difference, and that learning curve isn’t something we want our clients subjected to. That’s how each and every Stylus DJ brings a true party to your event – not just someone pushing a play button.

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Stylus DJs are party experts, and it’s an expertise that’s been built up at hundreds and thousands of parties – it’s something you can’t buy – it has to be earned. Every Stylus DJ has earned their place.

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There also the matter of HOW they’re playing – and it can’t be just pushing play. Stylus DJs do more than just play a song, then another song, then another song until time runs out. Stylus DJs are club resident DJs, that’s essentially the highest level of performance accountability – which means we can deliver more music, more fun, and more experience to you and your guests in a way that sounds uniquely you.

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A STYLUS wedding experience is more than just a playlist -it’s a performance. What that means is that each and every Stylus DJ knows how to read a crowd and develop the energy and sonic experience into something uniquely you. An OK DJ will play the same set at wedding after wedding after wedding. We’ve all heard it before. At Stylus, we set higher standards on what you should expect and we over-deliver. With on the spot remixes, clever solutions for your event needs, and an unparalleled energetic delivery, you’re getting something really special and uniquely yours.

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Microphone Skills aren’t for the faint of heart. I couldn’t tell you how many coordinators I’ve heard from over the years complaining that the DJ refused to talk on the microphone, and the coordinator had to hop on the mic and bring in the bridal party or introduce the cake cutting or lead the toasts. It’s horrifying. While an OK DJ will make the most basic announcements, a STYLUS DJ builds a story into your experience. It’s not overly wordy and it’s not distracting, because with a few words we can create a narrative thread that ties it all together and helps develop the very real sense that this once-in-a-lifetime event is more than just another wedding – its YOUR wedding. Every Stylus DJ is a microphone master – a capable master of ceremonies who guides your event the whole way through. 


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The stuff you can buy is a key part of any DJ set-up, but that’s not what sets Stylus apart – it’s how we put it together. While an OK DJ is fine with using cheap gear or low-quality music rips from YouTube, the Stylus difference isn’t just the quality of the equipment or the music – it’s how we put it all together – and that’s the stuff you can’t buy or fake your way through.

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Finally, the thing that’s overlooked more often than anything else when clients are looking at their wedding DJ is how they run the event. Your DJ is responsible for 80% of your reception, and how they run the event is going to determine more about how your wedding feels and what your guests think about your event than ANY OTHER VENDOR. Stylus DJs are wedding pros – and no matter how complex or streamlined your event is – your Stylus Wedding DJ is going to help you make the most of it.





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