4 Ways to Hire The Best Chapel Hill Wedding DJ

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Hiring the Best Chapel Hill Wedding DJ – 4 Key Things Title the picture Hiring the Best Chapel Hill Wedding DJ You want a wedding dj who is skilled and knowledgeable of all the varied forms of music that may be played at a wedding when you’re seeking the best wedding dj in Chapel Hill. A competent wedding DJ should understand not just the top hits, but be familiar with obscure genres and songs that your guests might like, as well as the ability to draw on those styles and genres from throughout the chart histories since your wedding will likely feature a lot of different people, at many different ages, from a lot of different backgrounds.Their playlist will include everything from oldies to up-and-coming songs that can get people excited to participate. They’ll make sure to cover it all.  Wedding DJs Vary – So Watch for These Key Elements
Select for Your Size & Style

It can be hard to find a wedding dj who can do it all, someone who is both professional and has the depth of knowledge to make it work, whether you’re hosting a swanky soiree at The Carolina Inn, hosting all your favorite people at the stunning Barn of Chapel Hill At Wild Flora Farm or doing a more intimate event at the Old Lystra Inn . The skill set that makes a DJ is more than just playing great music. Not only that, but many chapel hill wedding dj services can require a substantial up-front payment, which can be hard to come by in times of financial uncertainty, like when you’re trying to hire every other vendor for your event.

You don’t want your DJ to make rookie mistakes during your wedding; you want it to be perfect. That’s why it’s essential to hire a dj who is knowledgeable about all of the elements that go into a typical wedding. In addition, your wedding DJ should be able to play the requested music for your occasion without problem. 

This is especially crucial when many up and coming DJs are relying on streaming services instead of buying their music – and you’ve probably seen or heard people complaining about a Chapel Hill wedding DJ who had to stop the party because the internet went out. The best Chapel Hill wedding DJs are going to be able to throw a great party even if the wifi is interrupted by a lot of guests trying to post their socials.

There’s more to the best DJ in Chapel Hill for your event than just having the music or the ability to adapt to different groups that will make up your guest list.

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You’re Wedding DJ is More Than Music  

You should look for a trustworthy, reputable wedding DJ. In addition, they must be capable of organizing your crowd, meeting your needs for the event, and playing the perfect music at the proper time. It takes skill to do it well, and the most qualified individuals are generally worth considering.

Even if your event is smaller in size and your needs are relatively simple, say an elegant wedding reception at The Story with a small sound system and a streamlined wedding event without accent lighting or a glam photo booth, your choice of entertainment can make or break your event. With small groups, it often takes a more engaged emcee to really make the guests feel like they’re a big part of the event, that their comfort, engagement, and participation is both welcome and appropriate.

Your event may not be as memorable if your DJ is merely playing music and neglecting to take the time to make your audience’s situational presence in a comfortable & welcoming environment.

Chapel Hill Wedding DJ – Great, Average, or Meh?

When it comes to selecting wedding entertainment, there are few vendors more significant than your Wedding DJ. Consider the most recent wedding you attended, even if it wasn’t in Durham.  Was the DJ doing a great job of creating the party? Was the DJ ‘average’ and doing an acceptable job, or was the DJ so bad you left early? Your guests are spending most of their time in your reception, so it’s going to be what they remember most about your Chapel Hill wedding, regardless of the wedding venue. 

So if you’re looking for the best Chapel Hill wedding DJ, it’s going to take more than just DJing to make the event spectacular. There’s more to doing a great job than just the music – it’s how your wedding DJ puts it together, how they guide your event, how they speak to your guests, and the way they set the narrative tone and manage the flow.

One other element to keep in mind in order to find your best Chapel Hill wedding DJ option is that your DJ is going to responsible for around 75%-80% of your wedding. That means that you’re putting most of your event in their hands. Considering that the cheapest Chapel Hill wedding DJ and the most expensive Chapel Hill wedding DJ are not all that different in terms of the overall percentage of your budget – it might make a lot of sense for your event to work with a higher service level wedding DJ because you’re going to get more bang for your buck.

For instance, the average couple will usually spend around 3.5% ($1500) on the lowest end and 10% of their budget for a higher service level wedding DJ. Be honest with yourself about the priority of your wedding entertainment. 

Price and Wedding DJ Planning Differences

As you’re thinking about your wedding planning, remember that your Chapel Hill DJ is either going to make your life easy or end up putting more work on your shoulders. As someone who ran their own wedding, I strongly recommend offloading everything you can to professionals so you can put your focus on what your wedding is all about – being with your friends and family.

Hiring the cheapest wedding DJ Chapel Hill means you’re probably getting someone with less experience and fewer tools to help you achieve the best wedding day. Experience accounts for more than you’d think. While everyone has to get experience somewhere, be careful about putting too much on the shoulders of someone who can’t handle it – it can lead to ruined events and bad feelings.

The amount of prep time is often one of the big differences between your cheap wedding DJ and your best Chapel Hill wedding DJ option (although, for some couples cheap is what’s best for your event if you blew your wedding budget on stuff that means more to you). This is something couples often come to too late. We get calls every week from couples who essentially forgot they needed a DJ. It’s even more important to work with an experienced professional because they’re going to be able to get you squared away efficiently and pick up any slack.

Remember, what makes the best Chapel Hill wedding DJ for you is going to vary. It all depends on your needs, and that’s why Stylus features multiple DJs on staff – so that you can be matched with the right performance style, personality, event direction skills, and emcee style that helps you achieve your vision.

When you’re looking for the best Chapel Hill wedding DJ, you should start with Stylus. We are a professional and knowledgeable wedding dj service that offers a wide range of services, including wedding DJ, wedding MC, and wedding event direction. We also offer a no-obligation consultation so that you can get a sense of our capabilities and see if we’re the right fit for your Chapel Hill wedding. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!