Jonny "DJ Intershade" Pierce

You know you wantJonnyJonnyto be Your DJ!

Jonny has traveled the world in the Army, where he was trained in Audio & Video, and brings an auteur's perspective to parties. DJing was always just a fun hobby until, after the Army, he found his skills and techniques were in high demand. Building up a following over years of parties, he was tapped to play the first Epicenter Festival and, it's a good thing he did, because when the storm came and Tool bowed out Jonny ended up with a crowd of thousands who were thrilled to experience his set.

An active youth leader with his church, Jonny is familiar with keeping everyone entertained - even with short attention spans.

Jonny's experiences have made him a can't miss entertainer whose ability to create customized and personal sonic experiences made him a perfect fit for STYLUS. From festivals and crowds of thousands to smaller and more intimate events, Jonny Pierce is a dynamic and talented DJ who creates moments and memories with music and meaning.

You can hear Jonny at Sub Rosa, Cornerstone, London Bridge, Alchemy, and the Epicenter Festival.

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