DJ Freddie Livingston

You know you wantFreddieFreddieto be Your DJ!

Freddie's been a dance-floor hero since 1999 and has brought his dynamic approach to music to every type of event. Freddie's also an event planner & coordinator, The advantages are clear - Freddie makes it happen. Charming, personable, and with a deep understanding of how every nuance contributes to the whole event, Freddie's clients are always thrilled they chose him because he made everything easy, fun, & memorable.


  • DJ Since 1999
  • Favorite Part of A Wedding – When it all comes together
  • Favorite Genres – Anything that gets the crowd moving - there's too much great music to limit yourself
  • Favorite Technology - I'm less concerned with brands than I am with functionality & interface. As an engineer, I value results as well as intuitive design.
  • Current Residencies at – Mosaic, Capital City Tavern, Level Up

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In Their Own Words...

Mixes Live @ London Bridge Pub (Party Mix 2017)