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How do you choose which couples you work with?

It's actually really simple. Usually after just a few minutes of talking I know exactly which DJ would be the best fit for you. We're really lucky - we get the best couples to work with every time. I'm not sure what it is, but we don't get a lot of people who aren't a great fit. We're excited about music and about crafting an amazing event and that carries over at every level with our couples :)

How Far In Advance Should We Book Stylus?

Your average DJ is going to book 3-6 months out. We're booking 1-2 years out (sometimes further!). Some dates are almost completely booked for september of two years from now. I'd recommend calling us as soon as you get your date locked in. It can't hurt to call or email to check availability.

How Much Is A DJ?

That depends entirely on your package. We customize each event and can usually find a way to make it happen for you at every price point. How expensive your wedding is depends entirely on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a quick quote you can give us a call at 919-346-4669 or email us at .

How Do We Book Stylus SE?

A signed booking agreement and your retainer will reserve your DJ. We'll email the proposal over and you can call in a CC or mail in a check or money order.

What if We Need to Make Changes?

Just give the office a call at 919-346-4669 or email us at .

We have an 'Open Contract' policy which you can adjust times, add services, change dates, alter location, etc... Whatever you need.

Can We Go Overtime?

Of course! However, it's cheaper to add time before the event than during the event.

Will (you) Be My DJ?

You get to pick your DJ and that DJ will be with you throughout the entire process. We've got a 100% success and satisfaction rate and we're not looking to alter that. Stylus believes that the key to a great event is preparation, understanding, and skill. That all starts with developing that personal relationship between you and your DJ.

How Do We Plan Our Wedding?

Belive it or not - easily...

In most cases, you've never planned a wedding before so how do you know what you need to do? You're in luck, we do this every week and we've put our experience at your disposal with a great set of Online Planning Tools and sophisticated directive options.

What About Our Music?

This is the fun part! Design your reception with the music you love best with our planning tools & music list. Select the songs you want for each of your specialty dances and pick your favorite dance songs to give us a sense of what you're looking for and we'll take it from there. You don't have to format the whole evening - we'll handle that for you.

What if I have a VERY specific playlist?

You're in luck - we've got that too :) We specialize in delivering exactly what you want and if you want us to craft an amazing party using ONLY the songs you've got listed we can do that better than anyone else!

What if my music isn't listed on the planner?

We update our online planning lists frequently, but sometimes you want something a little more esoteric. The good news is we probably already have it. Our online music list covers what we call the 'Company Collection', we actually have our own collections on top of that. What you'll see in the Music Planner is just the start.

If, on the rare chance, we don't have something we'll happily purchase it for your event. That's actually really exciting for us, we love exploring new music!

Can We Make Requests at the Event?

Of Course! Ask for anything you want. We're also comfortable taking guests requests (within reason) as long as you are too.

What About Inappropriate Language?

All the Music we'll play at your wedding is radio edited - which means there isn't going to be anything that's going to make you look bad. However, you can request the unedited version if that's something that's important to you.

Will we meet in person?

Absolutely, unless time or distance prevents it. We think it's important to meet several times if possible so we can get a really good sense of you, your personalities, and your vision. We're always available when you need us.

What do you wear?

Nice suits never go out of style, but if you're doing a theme wedding or working with a specific color palatte we'll happily adjust to suit your needs. Just tell us what you prefer and we'll make it happen. Rest assured we'll be clean and professional.

Is there at Travel Fee?

For most weddings - NO.

Sometimes. If you're wedding is a looooong way away there may be flight and hotel fees, if it's in driving distance there may be a small travel fee to cover your DJs time and gas.

How Long Does It Take You To Set Up?

This varies depending on your package. However, since we don't charge for set-up or tear-down you don't have to worry about this. In general, we'll be there hours before your first guests even walks through the door. We like to make sure everything looks great before anyone shows up.

What Happens if the DJ Has a Family Emergency or gets laryngitis?

While we've never missed an event and we've never had to send another DJ out we are aware that this could happen. That's why Stylus SE features several high-profile and skilled DJs so that we're covered if we need to be. Stylus SE has a Back-Up Plan in place to cover you, and also why your online planning tools are so important. They allow us to step in if we need to and fulfil the event with the same skill at every stage so that you don't have to worry.

Do You Do Ceremonies?

Yes, we've got you covered with anything & everything you could possibly want for your ceremony.

My (cousin, uncle, friend, personal menu advisor) wants to (sing, play, interpretive dance) at my Ceremony, can you help?

Of course! Let us know what you want and we'll take care of it.

Do you take breaks?

No, your DJ will play music throughout the entire event whenever and wherever you want it.

Do We Need To Feed the DJ?

Not necessarily, if the caterer is going to charge you $70 to give the DJ a bag lunch then that money is better spent on a tip for the DJ. If food will not be available for the DJ please let us know so they can bring something to eat. With set-up and teardown and everything else involved we're usually on site for 8-10 hours, and that's a long time to go without food, especially when you work as hard as we do.

If food will be available your DJ will make sure that eating doesn't interfere with the performance of our duties.

Stylus DJs may grab water, tea, lemonade, or soft drinks but we do not drink alcohol at the event and will not engage in questionable or inappropriate behavior - we are professionals.

Should we Tip the DJ?

This is entirely at your discretion. Most people do tip around 10-20%, but thats because they're thrilled with how far we go to make their event special. It's not expected - just nice.

When are Balances Due?

If we could find a way to do this without brining money into it - we would. We ask that you take care of your balance in advance (10 days) because we don't want to have to walk up to you at the end of the night and bring reality back into the situation. You can call in a CC or mail in a check or money order.

What If We Need to Postpone or Cancel the Event?

Life happens and we get that. Your retainer for your event will transfer over to another avialable date. However, since we turn clients away when you reserve your date there is a schedule spelled out in the booking agreement. If we're able to secure another compoarable event for your DJ for that date your retainer will be refunded.

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