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Straight from the heart, here’s a few reviews to get an idea about how you’ll feel after hiring us.


You can also find reviews on our Wedding Wire page
We received so many compliments on the Music/Overall theme of our reception, thanks in large part to Jason, his demeanor, how he kept the party going.  He took the time to really listen and understand what we wanted our reception to look like, and provided us with exactly what we were looking for.  Everyone stayed dancing for the entire night, and the music he played was exactly what we were looking for.  Beyond that he kept the crowd engaged and involved throughout the entire ceremony.  He made the process easy from the planning stages through fruition.  I didn’t have to worry or stress at all the day of my wedding because I knew it was all taken care of.  I would, and have recommended Jason to a few of my other friends that are getting married in the near future.

Erin & Matt – Stonewall Farm- March 2015



 Please forgive the terrible delay in my response … but I think I now have a moment to tell you that you are, without a doubt, the best DJ I or any other guest at the wedding have ever had the pleasure of experiencing!

 I cannot tell you HOW many people have asked me for your contact information and how every guest, regardless of age, gender, nationality or experience commented that you made the reception the fun it was.

Having been rather in demand myself on the evening with various responsibilities, I missed several of the dance numbers and routines.  Later, I saw them on video and I was so impressed by your engagement and your memory (I cannot even remember everyone’s name…but you did!).

 From ceremony, to cocktail hour to reception everything you did was perfection itself.  We could not be happier.

 Thank you for your outstanding work, professionalism and tremendous sense of fun.  You have a sixth sense in reading the qualities of the guests and you brought out the fun in even our most reluctant relatives!

By all means PLEASE give out my name and information to anyone looking for a reference.

  Jeanne (Mother of the Bride) – Highgrove – November 2014
Once we connected with Eric he gave us great attention and we enjoyed planning with him.  He had excellent ideas for how to incorporate fun things about us into our night so the evening felt very personal. He understood that we didn’t want some of the traditional parts of a reception (cake cutting, garter toss, etc.) and helped us think of other cool activities. He played a great “shoe game” that people are still talking about.  We loved him and got many, many compliments on him.  Loved his mixing, too.
He was fun and made us a great playlist. I knew we were in good hands the whole night.  He read the crowd really well and interacted really nicely with all of the guests.  I would definitely recommend Eric to any one I knew that was planning a wedding and knew the music would be a really important part of their day.  If you are a dancer and love to get down on the dance floor, Eric is your man!
Elise & Adam – Angus Barn October 2014
We are a pretty weird couple and had really specific desires for our reception. Stylus DJ was recommended by another friend, and after interviewing several DJs, we selected DJ Animal (Eric Mills). We asked him to combine Jewish culture, Star Wars references, and Hip Hop/Latin music, which is incredibly specific and not necessarily conducive to a flowing dance party. We also outlined a super-detailed Top Gun-themed entrance music for the bridal party. DJ Animal NAILED the song order and totally understood the vibe we were after. He pronounced every single person’s name correctly, hosted hilarious games and soul train dances, and kept the party going for five solid amazing hours. He read the crowd perfectly. The older folks boogied with the younger folks, and the younger folks could never sit for long when another great song was on cue. When he finished, everyone stayed on the dance floor and begged for more. He had to excuse himself and turn the lights on before people accepted the party was over. It was Exactly the party I wanted.
Stephanie & Jordan – Washington Duke Inn – September 2014
Jason was so perfect! He was very professional and flexible. He was able to incorporate different genres of music very well. He catered to all generations at my wedding. I had such a fun time at my wedding mostly because of him being able to bring everyone to the dance floor. I had so much fun dancing with my guests. The music he brought to the table was current. He also conducted the flow of the reception well. Jason can seriously mix some music! I want him to DJ at my next event!
Mandesa & Derek – DoubleTree RTP – August 2014
My husband and I were a little nervous hiring a DJ because we have such particular tastes in music and wanted music to be a HUGE focal point of our wedding. Our vision was to have all guests on the dance floor, having fun, and sharing in our day with us. All I can say is, Jason was AMAZING! We knew he would be great based on his experience, knowledge, and personality, but truthfully, he far exceeded our expectations. He played every song we wanted and then some! He mixed songs perfectly, leading from one to the other, and kept EVERYONE dancing. I never felt like a song played for too long, too short, or was disappointed with song selection. We received TONS of compliments from our guests regarding our DJ choice. We left in total awe and so happy we went with Stylus and Jason! We HIGHLY recommend Stylus S.E. for every occasion!
Janine & Matt – Highgrove – Sept. 2014
Jason Huggins is hands down, and without question, the best DJ in the business.It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jason, who not only is super cool but also made our meetings really fun and informative, and of course our wedding day UNFORGETTABLE. Jason managed a feat that we had never experienced at any other event: he kept the dance floor packed to the brim during the entire reception. We loved the playlist he compiled for us and guests kept on raving about his delivery throughout the night. Jason has a gift for reading the crowd and for keeping them coming back for more. Jason is articulate, fun, and an amazing master of ceremonies who just rocked the house. During the planning phase, Jason always responded quickly with advice, guidance or “absolutely we can do that”. He was very easy to work with. Jason is also a scholar of music, is very experienced, and has fantastic, fun, and creative ideas for making sure you have an unforgettable experience. Five weeks after our wedding, guests are still commenting to us about him. Just book his services, you will NOT regret it
Samantha & Stan – Prestonwood Country Club  – June 2014
We hired Jason for our wedding this April and we could not be happier with the outcome. Jason has a musical gift of blending together great songs and his passion for music cannot be compared. We received compliments all night and after the event about how great our DJ was. If you ever have an event you need a DJ for, look no further than Stylus SE and Jason “Huggy Bear” Huggins. Thanks for a great evening!

    Tim & Lina – The Garden on Millbrook – April 2014

Another bride who was lucky enough to snag Mr. Huggins up for our unique wedding! Our first DJ went MIA on us at the last minute and I was in tears about what to do since our particular wedding was not your average wedding. We did a Dia de loa Muertos wedding, and Jason was able to fuse Latin music with some current dance hits and also some nerdy songs we just HAD to have at the wedding. He also kept me sane during the wedding, because he was on track with the agenda. At the end, since we had tried to do too much in too little time, he came up to me and worked with me making sure we got in the important things and cute out a few extras. Jason went above and beyond, he was a pleasure every time we met, and overall understood EXACTLY what we wanted for our wedding. If you are a unique bride, and you want something different that the status quo, please please do yourself a favor and call Stylus S.E. Not to mention, he was highly recommended by our photographer when I went to her about our DJ dilemma. She spoke about how great he was working with the other vendors, and a bit about the other weddings he did where he saved the day. Jason rocks our argyle socks! XO Jon & Elish!
Jon & Elish – Solas Raleigh – October 2013

Eric was very accommodating.  He met with us in person twice, once in our home.  We kept up by email and finalized everything by phone a few days before hand.
 I very much appreciated that he kept up with us and kept us on a good planning schedule. Eric took control and helped things run very smoothly.   He has a great voice too! (Eric was) nothing but fantastic!  He did everything I asked for and I have never danced at a wedding so much as this one!
Cynthia and Mark – April 2014
        We cannot thank you enough for leading us through an amazing party!!!  It was definitely more than I ever imagined! There were people on the dance floor that we still can’t believe got out there!  That is certainly thanks to your creative and most perfect mixes!  I’ve never danced that much in my life!!!
       From our initial email exchange, you reminded me that the DJ is the most important aspect of our party–ensuring the night runs smoothly and that people enjoy themselves–you did both of these to perfection!!!!
       You were so funny and people LOVED LOVED LOVED YOU!!!
     The public needs to know how amazing you made our night and how awesome you are to work with!  In my dad’s words, “Jason is cool like that.”
Thank you!!!

Shereen & Dre – The Cookery – March 2014


Jason was an amazing DJ! We hired him for our wedding reception that had a very mixed age crowd. He was so skilled at reading people to see what songs to play to get people on the dance floor. We had everyone out on the floor dancing the night away! Every person we talked to after the wedding mentioned how he was the best DJ they had ever seen! And we agree! He even got out on the dance floor to help teach a line dance to guests. Honestly, we could not be any happier with picking him. He is professional, extremely skilled, and will make sure your event is a night to remember! You will NOT be disappointed!!!

Samantha & Bradley – Durham Hilton – March 2014


I’m not even sure how to start this review because I am still speechless about how AMAZING Jason was at our wedding! I continue hear from our guests that our DJ was BEST they had ever experienced and that they couldn’t believe he kept everyone on the dance floor from the first song until the last one! Actually, Jason had so many people dancing for so long that the dance floor at our venue started to break apart! Jason isn’t just a DJ, he is a true entertainer. He knows how to interact with his audience to make sure they have an unforgettable time! With that said, he also knows his boundaries, and is not the type of DJ that steals the spotlight. Jason definitely made the night about my husband and myself, all while making sure our guests had a blast!

We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ, Jason truly made our wedding a night we will never forget! I can guarantee that if you choose anyone from Stylus S.E. your wedding day will be more than you ever expected!

Sarah at Prestonwood Country Club – Dec. 2013


Having a DJ for our wedding was a last minute decision (2 months before our wedding), and we are so glad Stylus S.E. happened to be available!! Not only did they provide a DJ for the reception but also ran sound for our ceremony. Jason and Eric, our DJ, were so great to work with! The two meetings I had with them put me at so much ease, even during stressful points of wedding planning. They gave great advice about which songs to choose for certain points during the reception when I had no idea which ones to pick. During the reception I found my seven-year-old nephew (whose dad is a musician) hanging out at the DJ table with Eric, wearing headphones, pretending to be a DJ himself! It was super sweet! Thank you Stylus S.E. for providing superb service!

Jennifer at The Highgrove – November 2013


Jason was an outstanding DJ! Jason was professional & always was early to any appointment we had with him. We had a 2pm wedding and a 230pm reception.He had everyone dancing (especially for an afternoon wedding). He brought such an awesome energy to the wedding.

A few of our friends are music snobs & they said that Jason did an outstanding job. Our caterer said she’d never seen so many people dancing at a wedding before. He BROUGHT the party. He also did an outstanding job with our uplighting in the venue. I would hire him again in a heart beat.

Clair at Thomas Sayre Studios – March 2013


This wedding would have been a near-disaster without Jason Huggins/Stylus SE. I had no idea what to expect from a DJ, and initially wasn’t even planning on using one at our Sunday morning wedding, given the early hour, but I am so grateful that I did! Jason took the reins and turned our big day into something spectacular. He guided me through the planning process so that every section of the ceremony and reception were sonically covered. He asked about my favorite songs from high school, what my “guilty pleasure” music was, and helped me figure out how to respond if my mother-in-law requested something cheesy like “The Electric Slide.” He even explained how he creates the proper type of energy and customizes it for the timeline and responsiveness of the crowd.

Jason took care of covering sound for the ceremony (I hadn’t even thought to mic our readers and minister at our outdoor wedding), provided announcements during the reception so guests knew what to expect, and he gave us killer music. He read the mood of the crowd like a psychic and mixed up the beats and sounds to constantly keep it interesting. I didn’t think people would dance at 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon, but Jason proved me wrong! Several guests complimented me on the music at the reception, saying it was the first wedding they’d been to where they hadn’t been subjected to sub-par tunes.

Through it all, Jason was professional and authoritative. He kept the whole wedding running smoothly, which left me able to focus on just relaxing and having a good time.

This is one happy bride! I can’t thank Style SE enough for what they did for us.

Emma & Ben at Brown County State Park (Indiana) July 2013


My wife and I had no need for discussion. Jason would be our DJ. After observing him at two weddings for friends and family, we knew that he was the one to fit our style and meet our expectations. You will not regret spending the money to have them play your wedding. I really do not know what to say other than he keeps the energy extremely high and the comfort level at the perfect mark. Do yourself a favor and be apart of the 100, after all, this might be your only shot, right?

Michael at The Cotton Company (Wake Forest)


The wedding was a resounding success. In the meetings before the event with Eric, we talked about what sorts of moods we wanted to create for each part of the ceremony and reception, provided him with a few suggestions of what we liked, added a short do play and do not play list, and let him run with it… And it was awesome.

Sound quality was excellent, music selection was spot on to create the right moods and keep the party rolling. And he kept the dance floor packed the whole night, playing dozens and dozens of our favorite old and new songs. I was continually impressed how many times he queued up a song that we had never discussed or put on any list but that I absolutely love.

He did a great job of reading the room the whole night. I had been worried that during the dancing he might get too fancy with his on mixes or mashups or DJ tricks, but he was subtle and I felt like it really worked to keep even the best known songs fun and fresh. Plus he had dance mixes of a few songs that I wouldn’t have expected that were mega fun. It was so relaxing to be able to just trust that part of the evening to a professional and not have to worry about it at all, particularly because the music was so important for setting the mood (relaxed to intimate to fun to exciting) for the party. So yeah, really happy with how it all went down. Thanks again!

– Robert & Laura at Durham Bulls Park – May 2013


Hey Jason Huggins!!! Well, since little Will (sign bearer) decided he was the President of the Party I guess that made you the King of the Party! Jason, you did such an amazing job of never stopping for a minute to entertain us and our guests at our daughter’s wedding. She was absolutely thrilled and so was Joe, the groom. It was such a memorable evening….seeing Michelle dancing with her Daddy and all the fun everyone had was a memory I will never forget. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart…..music is the heart and soul of life, and you made that happen for us……

Peg (Mother of the Bride.)


There are literally NO words to express our gratitude to Jason for making our special day unforgettable and most of all… FUN!!! Throughout the process, Jason was so accommodating and helpful. Since we lived in Charlotte, NC and could only make it to Raleigh on the weekends, he worked around our schedules and even once met us on a Sunday to review the details and make sure everything was perfect. There were so many decisions to make regarding the flow of events, music selections, lighting, etc. and Jason helped to make it super easy. He would give us personal recommendations based on his past experiences at our specific venue. My husband even called him the morning of the wedding, with a request to change to Mother/Son dance, and Jason was so understanding!

For us personally, the DJ selection was one of the most important decisions for the entire wedding. My husband is a DJ and performed weddings for over (7) years, so he was extremely picky and of course thought that no one would live up to his expectations (at one point, he even suggested that he could DJ his own wedding)  After our first in-person meeting with Jason, my husband immediately felt a wave of relief and truly felt confident in Jason’s abilities. Our wedding reception was absolutely the best time we have ever had!! Jason did an amazing job mixing the music and keeping everything flowing. One of the things I appreciated the most was the obvious fact he was genuinely having fun. Every time I looked up, Jason was smiling and jamming behind the turntables. I think when someone has a true passion for what they do, it is reflected in the quality of service they provide.

Jason definitely has a major talent for engaging crowds… He cracked jokes and continually had our guests laughing and smiling. At one point during the evening, I looked up to see my husband’s grandmother behind the DJ booth!! Jason had brought her back there, put his headphones on her and she had her arms up, raising the roof!! It was unforgettable and my guests are still laughing about it!! We also had numerous children at our wedding, and Jason was so thoughtful to include them. He came out to the center of the dance floor and asked all the kids to join him. He started a “game” where each kid got to run and slide across the dance floor to the music. The crowd went wild, cheering for each kid as they took their turn!! Jason was so in-tune to our guests and was able to create these amazing, unplanned moments!!

Needless to say, my husband had his socks blown off with Jason’s talent… I swear for days after the wedding, all he talked about was Jason and the amazing job he did  To all the future brides out there… Jason is the only choice for your wedding!! He is professional, timely and organized, but most importantly, he is charismatic and will create a personal experience for you and your unique guests.

-Ashley & Josh at The Highgrove May 2013


Dear Jason, from the first time we met you at the Bridal Show in Raleigh, we sensed your positive energy and were impressed by your vision for our wedding. As the months sped by, we appreciated how easy it was to reach out to you with questions. The online planners were easy to use and a great resource for planning our day as well as for giving you insight into our taste in music. When we met with you in person, you listened to us, guided us through the timing of the reception, and gave us many wonderful suggestions for consideration. The closer we got to our special day; we became ever more confident that we had chosen well.

Then on the day of our wedding … WOW – did you ever deliver! You definitely brought your “A” game! The reception room was so beautifully accented with tasteful up-lighting, and the dance floor was crowned with our names shining on the wall from a gobo designed just how we had imagined it. We loved hearing our guests roar with laughter as you led the party with your comedic talent! After dinner you had EVERYONE on the dance floor with a fantastic mix of music that hit all of our genres in a seamless stream.

You kept the party so fresh and tight! Many of our family and friends commented on your DJ skills that night. Here we are two weeks later and our friends still regularly tell us how great you were!We loved every minute of our wedding reception, Jason, and we strongly feel like you are one of the main reasons that it was such a fun and stress-free evening. We would love the chance to work with you again in the future, and would certainly HIGHLY recommend you to any who asked.Thank you!

-Kristen & Jan at Hampton Inn March 2013



We know that the DJ makes or breaks the party. For all the DJs we’ve heard over the years, one stuck out the most… Jason. We heard him play at a wedding we photographed at Haywood Hall in Raleigh and as soon as we had the date set for our own wedding, he was one of the first vendors we contacted. We had him drive all the way to the coast of NC for our wedding and it was worth every cent! We even had him stay an extra 2 hours (5 hours total!) because everyone was having such a great time and he kept the party going. Jason did a great job working in our requests, helping suggest ways to make our ideas work, and did a fantastic job reading what our guests were most responsive to. We really appreciated the fact that he would STOP a song if he noticed it cleared the dance floor. Why try to make it work if it’s not going to work? He knew how to keep the floor packed ALL NIGHT. He also suggested a lot of great ideas for our wedding in general that we actually used… like having a raffle. It’s the little things :) I don’t think you can’t go wrong with these guys!

– Crystal & Ben


Can’t say enough good things about Jason our DJ! He was awesome. We had a lot of children in the wedding party (4 ring bearers and 3 flower girls between the ages of 3yrs and 7yrs), and he managed to get them all to line up and walk in for introductions. The flower girls had, unbeknownst to my husband and I, wanted to do a dance for us, and managed to coordinate this with the DJ all by themselves (I cannot imagine how that conversation went!). The music was awesome as well and everyone was on the dance floor! Everyone wanted to know who the DJ was.



Jason did a fabulous job with our wedding requests! My husband and I were very pleased with the time that he took to meet with us to understand the needs of our special day. He was flexible and had great energy! We didn’t have to worry about a thing on our wedding day and the guests all raved about our DJ for months to follow. I’d recommend Jason’s DJ services to anyone for any occasion!

– Pam & KC at The Capital City Club


  Jason was a spectacular DJ for our wedding. Not only did my husband and I think he was great, but we received tons of awesome feedback from our guests. Jason took the time to thoroughly plan out what we wanted played or not played at our wedding … he gave us his professional opinion while always keeping our wants and needs in mind. My husband and I thought that planning the music would be a stressful, daunting task, but Jason guided us through the process with ease. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to make their wedding that much more memorable!

-Karen & Paul in Sparta, NC April 2013